A MYSTERIOUS shipping container has landed on Brighton beach.

It was spotted on the pebbles near the West Pier and i360 in the early hours of the morning.

There was smoke emerging from the doors, which had broken open and zombie-like noises were coming from the inside.

Very little of the inside of the container was visible due to the smoke. All that could be seen was a wooden crate inside and scratch marks on the walls.

There is no need to worry about an impending zombie apocalypse, however - the container is part of a promotion for Netflix’s new film Army Of The Dead.

The Argus: Netflix's Army of the Dead is being promoted on Brighton beach.Netflix's Army of the Dead is being promoted on Brighton beach.

The film, released tomorrow, is directed by Zach Snyder and stars Dave Bautista.

The plot is about a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. A group of mercenaries manage to pull off a dramatic heist.

Brighton street artist Cassette Lord has been working on the side of the container.

He said: “I was asked to spray paint the container. When I got here it was completely smashed up, it looks like it has been washed up from the sea. It is pretty surreal.

“They [Netflix] asked me to paint on it 'What happens in Vegas, decays in Vegas', and incorporate it into my own design. As I do a lot of cassettes around town, I thought I would build it into a massive cassette tape and have the lettering as the label.

The Argus: Cassette Lord painting on the side of the Netflix container.Cassette Lord painting on the side of the Netflix container.

“The cassette is a dead medium that keeps coming back to life, so it fits in with the zombie vibes.”

The container is expected to be in position until Monday. The Argus has been told that a large neon Las-Vegas style Army Of The Dead sign will be attached to it.

On Saturday the container will be open and people in army uniform will emerge from inside it. They will be handing out scratch cards to people who will then have the chance to win free ice cream and snacks.