CAMPAIGNERS say more support will be needed to help people struggling with their mental health after lockdown.

A think-tank in Eastbourne said it has found a growing demand for people looking for help.

LGBT group BourneOut chairman Betty Gallacher and Hansa Raja Jones from Holding Space met with the town’s MP Caroline Ansell to address the problem.

It is feared that the impact of successive lockdowns will have left many feeling alone and isolated, and also made people's existing mental health problems worse.

Betty said: “The time has come for increased help for those who are battling with their own mental health.

"This problem has been growing in recent years, and of course lockdown has only made it worse.

"At BourneOut, we provide specialist counselling and we realised what an increased demand there has been.

"That's why I made contact with Caroline, and she was happy to pop into our cafe in Mark Lane.

"She is being extremely positive about this, and with her on board I am sure we can take this further.

"Yes, there is some support from the NHS but it is limited for far too many people, and that's not right.

"The time has come to acknowledge that there is not enough support available in Eastbourne, and that must change.”

Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell said she agrees that mental health should be a high priority.

She said: "Mental health must be high on the agenda as we move out of Lockdown. It's been a tough time for everyone.

"I was keen to listen to Betty and hear some of the cases that she was able to relate to me. It's very concerning.

"The NHS does a tremendous job but perhaps there needs to be more joined up thinking, and I am happy to do whatever is needed.

"Extra help must be supplied, and I am keen to put people together to achieve that."

Betty is hoping that other community groups and people affected will come forward for a further meeting to campaign for better mental health services.