A SHOP thief stole steaks, salmon, crisps, Stella Artois and Kopparburg cider during a crime spree.

Jackson Cann, 39, raided Tesco and Co-op stores in Shoreham to steal the goods.

It was revealed how he had entered the Co-op in Shoreham High Street on four occasions between March 16 and 22 this year.

On another occasion he also went into Tesco in Upper Shoreham Road.

At Worthing Magistrates’ Court he admitted five shoplifting offences, worth £81.25.

The most expensive was when he swiped seven beef steaks and six salmon steak worth £52 from the Co-op store on March 22 this year.

Magistrate Andrew Seabrook imposed a ten-week suspended sentence last month.

Cann, of Garden Close, Shoreham, was ordered to complete six months of alcohol dependency treatment with the Change, Grow, Live programme, and five rehabilitation sessions with the probation service.