AFTER reading The Argus article on expenses claimed by councillors, I now know why enforcement officers pursue people on to the bus to try to issue fines - to pay for the expenses.

Even if it is not breaking any rules, surely it is immoral to claim for riding a bike?

The expenses claimed by councillors are on top of £12,000 a year they receive as a councillor.

It states that the Greens voted for the rise in subsidised bus permits, Conservatives voted against it and Labour abstained but was it not the Labour who first introduced the permits?

Are the bus pass holders restricted to when they can use the pass as pensioners are?

The residents of our city did not vote the Greens into power - it was Labour who surrendered it to them.

I think the whole of the council should stand down and have an election.

Also I think it is wrong for students who only stay in our city for a couple of years to vote and then leave us with their choices. You should have to have a five-year residency in any city to vote.

John Marchant