I was puzzled by the conflicting comments by Ann Seales (Letters, December 20) in relation to the Animal Aid demonstration at Plumpton Racecourse.

Her naivety and mixed ideas were unrealistic when she states that: "You could not find owners more devoted to their animals than horse owners", followed by "racehorses must be the most pampered of species" yet agreeing it is unacceptable for horses to die in pursuit of a sport conducted for the public's pleasure.

To see the whole picture of the lack of horse welfare, come and spend six months in our office, look around our sanctuary and read the case histories of our 74 resident horses, ponies and donkeys. All of which have been neglected, abused, abandoned or unwanted in the past. Come to the horse sales with us and see the many elderly or outgrown children's ponies abandoned for their meat price.

Animal Aid carried out enlightening undercover work exposing dreadful scenarios affecting horses. Nothing Sussex Horse Rescue have seen in over a period of 40 years leaves us to believe that many horse owners are devoted. In our view any commercially bred animal such as racehorses are only safe while they fulfil their purpose.

We would like to add to the numerous stickers in car windows which say: "I love horses" the words "but only while they are rideable".

  • Pauline Grant, chairperson, Sussex Horse Rescue Trust, Hempstead Lane, Uckfield