IN THE frame today is Kim Barrey, who is Brighton born and bred and has lived here all her life apart from a couple of years in Papua New Guinea as a child.

She is married to Steve with two grown-up daughters, Charlie and Hermione, and a three-legged rescue dog called Rafa

The Argus: Photographer Kim Barrey from BrightonPhotographer Kim Barrey from Brighton

When and why did you get into photography?

My interest started at Varndean Sixth Form over 30 years ago, in the days when you had to wait until you developed your film and made a contact sheet to see if you had taken any great pictures.

Far too often what I thought I had captured on film was sadly not the reality in print.

What do you love about taking pictures?

I have always enjoyed taking photos as a record of special occasions.

I am extremely sentimental and can spend hours pouring over old family black and white pictures.

I love the way a photo can encapsulate and evoke memories as well as just being aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The Argus: Kim says ‘who can resist the symmetry of Brighton bandstand?’ Kim says ‘who can resist the symmetry of Brighton bandstand?’

I have more recently been inspired by my eldest daughter, Charlie, who studied A Level photography.

I found the way she approached different photographic subjects fascinating.

She could use a simple photograph and manipulate it using technology to produce a fantastic work of art.

However, my favourite photo of hers is of my dad and apart from amazing lighting there are no special effects.

Where is your favourite place for taking pictures?

During lockdown my husband Steve started boxing again as a form of fitness.

Sometimes he would train on the seafront and I would drive him down early and witness some amazing sunrises.

I would go for a walk while he was training and just take a few snaps on my phone.

Some weren’t that bad and started me actively seeking out new photographic opportunities whenever we went out.

The Argus: Rottingdean rocks, it really does, says KimRottingdean rocks, it really does, says Kim

I enjoy taking pictures by the sea in and around Brighton and Hove.

Just going for a walk provides plenty of photographic opportunity.

Steve has been left frozen during the winter when I have stopped to take pictures of frost patterns on car bonnets or horses in windy fields.

Despite this, he remains encouraging.

What equipment do you use?

I use my iPhone mostly for my photography and a little waterproof Fuji camera that my husband has recently bought me.

The Argus: Worthing wheel - this was the first picture Kim had published in The ArgusWorthing wheel - this was the first picture Kim had published in The Argus

Both are so compact and convenient however, I have also borrowed my daughter’s Canon E0S 50D that she used a few years ago and am just getting to grips with using that.

I don’t have any fancy equipment other than that.

Why did you join The Argus Camera Club and what do you like about it?

Joining the club has been great.

Other members comment and give you tips when you post your pictures.

They see things that perhaps you don’t.

For example, I posted one that I thought was pretty good but hadn’t noticed that I hadn’t kept the horizon level.. a simple tweak made a vast improvement.

The Argus:  A ‘spooky road to nowhere’ taken in Poynings A ‘spooky road to nowhere’ taken in Poynings

It is also a good place to get new ideas to try out for yourself. It is a very friendly and supportive environment.

It has given me confidence to continue with my hobby and seeing my photos in print in the Argus is very encouraging.

My goal now is to be able to get enough pictures that I am proud of to make my own calendar.

What tips or advice do you have for others who want to take up photography?

To anyone else that is looking to take up photography ... just do it.

I believe anyone can take a great picture, it is not always about being technically perfect.

The Argus: Family pet Rafa in the garden Family pet Rafa in the garden

I appreciate photography as an art form and try to take the odd photo that might fall into this category but I love it most as a record of a journey of experiences, people I have met and places I have been but most importantly and more privately as a record of family life.