VEGAN climate activists held a sit-in protest at a McDonald's as fellow activists blockaded the fast-food outlet's distribution centres.

Activists from the Brighton chapter of the newly-formed Animal Rebellion held the sit-in protest in the chain's London Road outlet at noon on Saturday.

The protest included "occupying" areas of the restaurant, demanding McDonald's switch to only plant-based by 2025.

The sit-in in Brighton, as well as the Oxford Street outlet in London, came as other Animal rebellion activists attempted to blockade McDonald's four distribution centres.

"We will be doing more," said a spokesman for the Brighton chapter.

"We've had masses of support, as there is a growing awareness amongst the general population, that meat and dairy are one of the biggest causes of climate chaos."

In total, the campaign group said about 100 activists across the UK took part in the coordinated demonstration.

At the time, a McDonald’s spokesman announced: “Our distribution centres are currently facing disruption.

“We are assessing the impact on deliveries to our restaurants and to menu items.

“We apologise to our customers for any disappointment caused.”

Animal Rebellion demand that McDonald's transition to a Plant-based food system by 2025.

It says it will "continue to disrupt business as usual for them" until it gets to speak to the UK CEO Paul Pomroy and its "demands are met".

A spokesman for Animal Rebellion said: "The blockades lasting from 19-30 hours we paralysed the supply chain of the biggest fast food chains in the world and a symbol of the animal and climate exploitation industries.

"This is only the beginning. Now we need everyone to join in.

"We're in the midst of planning a two-three month mass direct action campaign that will force McDonald's to negotiate with us, with escalating and impactful actions coming up soon."

In 2019, an animal rights activist who smeared fake blood over the London Road McDonald’s while wearing a pig mask was convicted of criminal damage.

Up to 20 protesters “overwhelmed” security at the fast food chain’s outlet in Brighton on May 18that year, holding signs and chanting through a megaphone.

Actress Dylan Roffey, who was pictured covered in fake blood and wearing a pig mask, claimed in court that her actions were legal because she was trying to save animals from slaughter.

However, a judge at Brighton Magistates’ Court rejected her defence and found her guilty of criminal damage.