Royal Mail could offer timed delivery slots for the first time next year, according to reports.

The postal firm is planning to introduce a new three-tier system allowing customers to pay more to send and receive letters and parcels on specific days and times. 

In a video message to its 140,000 staff, seen by The Mail on Sunday, chief commercial officer Nick Landon said the company is in the early stages of developing new options for customers. 

He said: "Longer term, we're looking at what customers actually need and how we can reflect that in our products.

The Argus: Royal Mail will allow customers to choose timed delivery slot for first time everRoyal Mail will allow customers to choose timed delivery slot for first time ever

"And we want a three-tier product portfolio because three is a magic number."

Describing the three tiers as "good", "better" and "best", Landon said: "We're looking at a "good" product, the base product, and this will be built around [the idea of]: 'I'll leave it to Royal Mail to choose how it comes to me'."

The middle tier – or "better" – product would be more expensive and is likely to be called "My Choice". 

Finally, Landon said customers who select the "best" product will in addition be able to choose a time slot for the delivery as well as the day. 

A Royal Mail spokesperson told us: “We are simplifying our product range to an easy to understand ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’ structure.

"This will make it easier for customers to choose the products that perfectly meet their needs.

"This work is in early development.”

A recent survey revealed last month that Amazon is more trusted than Royal Mail to deliver parcels. 

Which? shared the results of its poll, which asked those who have used specific couriers to rate their experience.

The poll ran between March and August of last year and asked users how satisfied they were with the courier that delivered their most recent order, excluding groceries.

In the survey, 13,226 people voted and participants rated couriers on delivery time slots, communication, where parcels are left and social distancing measures by the delivery driver.

DPD and Amazon had the most satisfied customers for time slots and communication.

Royal Mail scored highly for where parcels are left, while UPS had the lowest satisfaction scores across all categories.