A “PROFESSIONAL” drugs grower is behind bars after he was caught growing cannabis plants for the second time.

David Carey had 48 plants growing at a property in Bexhill.

Prosecutors believe the value of the class B drugs being grown was as high as £20,000.

Inside the property police found insulation, ventilation and lighting in rooms at the property.

It was revealed that Carey, 40, was previously convicted of producing cannabis in 2017 and was given a suspended sentence.

At Lewes Crown Court the judge Recorder Stuart Trimmer QC said Carey was meant to be addressing his crimes at the same time as growing the next batch.

Stuart Dingle, prosecuting, said the drugs were found in March 2019 and said the plants were not consistent with a man using the drug for himself.

Instead Mr Dingle said it pointed to the fact that Carey was linked into a drugs distribution network as the grower.

The judge said: “This looks like a professional set up.

“It must have taken considerable time and effort, as well as cost, to produce.”

The judge said he could see no reason why Carey, of St James Road, Bexhill, should not be sent to prison straight away.

“I have little doubt your family will do what they can for you when you are released,” the judge said. “You will have to understand exactly how serious this is.”

The judge ordered the 48 plants to be destroyed.

Carey was sentenced to a total of one year in prison.