A PARLIAMENTARY constituency is to change its name under new proposals for the city’s constituency boundaries.

The constituency of Hove and Portslade will be renamed Hove and Brighton West under new plans put forward by The Boundary Commission for England.

Under the proposals the constituency, which is currently held by Labour MP Peter Kyle, will keep the same boundaries.

The Argus: Boundary Commission proposed changes for Hove and Brighton WestBoundary Commission proposed changes for Hove and Brighton West

In the 2019 general election, Mr Kyle held on to his seat and received 58.3 per cent of the vote share.

The Boundary Commission for England, an independent advisory body, today has published its initial proposals for new constituency boundaries.

The number of constituencies in the South East will increase from 84 to 91, including two which will be given to the Isle of Wight.

Sussex will gain an MP in the changes, which aim is to make Parliament fairer by giving each MP a roughly similar number of votes.

The commission said it has considered local ties, geographic factors, local government boundaries existing constituencies, and minimising disruption caused by proposed change.

Of the 533 existing English constituencies, fewer than ten per cent will remain unchanged under the proposals.

The commission stressed the proposals, which open for an initial eight-week public consultation period, were provisional.

It is not due to make its final recommendations to Parliament until July 2023.

Commission secretary Tim Bowden said: “Today’s proposals mark the first time people get to see what the new map of parliamentary constituencies might look like. But they are just the commission’s initial thoughts.

“We want to hear the views of the public to ensure that we get the new boundaries for Parliamentary constituencies right.”

The public are now able to view and provide feedback on the proposed constituencies as part of the consultation process.

The 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies was formally launched in January this year.