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THE fantastic Rockwater project is the best thing to happen to the Brighton and Hove seafront in donkeys' years - much needed to inject investment, excitement and energy into a past-it location.

I was really appalled at the ill-informed and unjust criticism levelled at this business by what I suggest are small-minded, woke nimbys.

Residents who live along the busy coast road, in close proximity to the promenade, need to accept visitor expectations of facilities have moved on and this business is unlikely to create further detrimental impact on what is already a high traffic, noise-polluted and busy location.

The profile and addition of increased custom to businesses along the prom has been exponentially upgraded by Rockwater’s arrival.

Complaints regarding membership are unfair as this is not an exclusive members’ only club - not only has the owner gone out of his way to make it community inclusive, his genuine philanthropy is highly generous and beneficial across diverse recipients - time they expressed gratitude and support.

Luke Davis is deserving of a high level of support and praise for his foresight and innovative business acumen - not whingers en masse. He has every right to set the membership subscription at whatever level to support his business financial model.

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