THE UK could be on the brink of a mini-heatwave this weekend, with temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees.

Stock up on barbecue supplies, get the paddling pool out and fill your freezer with ice cube trays - this weekend is set to be a hot one.

A spell of high pressure means most areas of the country will meet the Met Office’s definition of a heatwave, but how hot will it get in Brighton and Hove?

The Argus: Brighton seafront on May bank holiday weekendBrighton seafront on May bank holiday weekend

Well, it is good news for seaside sunseekers as the mercury could rise to nearly 27C on Thursday and the temperatures are set to remain high.

But for those who struggle to sleep through hot, stuffy evenings, it may be time to prepare to for a restless night as temperatures are unlikely to drop below double figures.

According to the Met Office, the very warm weather and sunny conditions will remain for the foreseeable future and temperatures may rise even further.

The Met Office defines a heatwave as at least three consecutive days of maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding a temperature threshold. For Sussex, it is it is 27C.

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon told the PA news agency: “There’s a definition of what a heatwave is – it is at least three consecutive days of maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding a temperature threshold.

“It is above 28C (82.4F) for London and large chunk of the south east, it is 27C (80.6F) for the Midlands and going towards the south west its 26C (78.8F).

“In Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Devon and Cornwall and the north east its 25C (77F) – so it is a sliding scale depending on where you are, but we haven’t yet met that maximum threshold.”

“But by the beginning of the weekend and going into next week we might start to meet that criteria, by Sunday we might see 28C (82.4F) or 29C (84.2F).

“It looks set to continue into next week, that is outside of our detailed forecast but the indication is that settled warm weather is set to continue.”

Below is the Met Office weather forecast for Thursday, 10 June, the weekend and early next week:


Perhaps a little more cloud about during the morning but it will be another fine dry day with long periods of very warm afternoon sunshine. Maximum temperature 27 C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday:

Staying largely fine through this period, with plenty of sunshine, while temperatures may rise a little further. Southern coastal districts may see periods of mist and low cloud.

Monday 14 Jun - Wednesday 23 Jun

High pressure across the majority of the UK looks to bring a lot of dry and settled weather at first. However, in the far north outside of the influence of this, there will be spells of cloudy, windy and wet weather at times.

There will be a risk of showers in the south, especially mid-next week, which could even culminate in a thundery breakdown.

Temperatures are expected to be very warm under the high, perhaps hot for a time in the south east, but look to remain average in the far north. Into the latter half of this period, there are signs that less settled conditions could push in from the north west to other parts of the country.