THE rate of children testing positive for coronavirus in Brighton and Hove has risen by more than 450 per cent.

The city, along with Worthing, now has the highest rate of coronavirus per 100,000 residents in Sussex.

According to data on the Government website, that rate is now 20, which is still lower than the England average of 31.

However, the rate in the lowest age bracket - between 0-14 years of age - increased by more than 450 per cent in the week ending June 2.

This is a rise from 7.1 on May 26 to 40.4 at the end of the week.

The Argus:

Bernadette Alves, public health consultant at Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “As Covid regulations relax and people meet and mix more, and with the growth of the Delta variant which is more transmissible, the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Brighton and Hove has started to increase in common with the rest of the country.

“Our rates are still lower than the South East and the rest of England, with reassuringly low rates among the 60+ age group and only one or two hospital admissions.

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“This is especially significant as most people in that older age group will have had both vaccinations. This demonstrates how effective the vaccines are at controlling the virus.

“Some of our highest rates are in school aged children and young adults. We are working closely with our school and education communities to keep the city as safe as possible.

“Every new case shows that Covid is still circulating in our community and underlines just how important it is that we all continue to keep up with all the Covid safety measures while the NHS vaccination programme reaches everyone.”

Case rates in the older groups do not appear to be rising.

The current rate for the overs 60s is 1.9. This has been steadily falling since the peak earlier this year.

Between 40-59 years of age, it is 14.6. Between the ages of 30-39, it is 19.2.

The rate for people between 15-29 remains relatively high and is now 43.5.