AN ARTIST in Brighton has created a mural warning Boris Johnson that polluters "must pay for their emissions", ahead of the G7 summit.

Eleanor Barreau has teamed up with the Zero Carbon Campaign, along with three other artists around the UK, to urge the government to meet its net-zero commitment.

Murals in Brighton, Bristol, London and Cardiff depict "the hypocrisies" of the government’s existing climate policies in light of their net zero commitment.

The piece is satirical in tone and is based on gas exploration in Brighton.

Head of the Zero Carbon Campaign, Hannah Dillon said: “As hosts of both G7 and COP26, the UK has a prime opportunity to plug the gap between climate rhetoric and action, and show the world that we are truly committed to a green and just transition – at home and abroad.

"That’s why we’re calling on the Government to deliver on its claims of climate leadership by announcing support for stronger and fairer pollution pricing policy.

"The public wants polluters to pay for the damage they do, and the Government supposedly supports this principle. It’s high time they delivered on that promise.”