DO YOU recognise yourself, your family, or your friends in this touching wedding photograph?

Avril Hodgkins, 71 found the lovely picture among a collection of photographs and letters her mum Barbara Hodgkins, had left to her after she died in July 2015.

She did not recognise the faces of the happy couple or the church where the wedding was held, so she decided posted the image on social media in the hope a relative would come forward.

The Argus: Barbara (left) with who Avril believes could be the bride in the wedding photograph (left)Barbara (left) with who Avril believes could be the bride in the wedding photograph (left)

After a few years, Avril halted her mission but she said lockdown gave her a welcome opportunity to start her search again.

While the photograph is still unclaimed, Avril discovered the church in the photograph was St Mary De Haura, in Church Street, Shoreham and she is hoping this information will help her to trace the family pictured.

Avril, who lives in Surrey said: “I was intrigued and thought I shall try to locate who the couple are. I did not realise how difficult that would be.

“It would just be so amazing and a feat really. Nowadays it is so much easier to find people, it would be so fantastic to complete the final chapter in the story.

“I’m sure there are family out there who would love to have it back in their possession. It would be lovely to find descendants of the couple and reunite this photo with the family and solve a mystery.”

While her mother never lived in Sussex, Avril believes she may have visited the bride in the photograph during her time serving in the Auxiliary Territorial Service, the women’s branch of the British Army, during the Second World War.

She believes she has found a photograph of her mother, alongside the bride, which was taken during her time in the army.

Avril said: “I believe the wedding photo was taken between late 1940s to early 1950s.

“The best man is a Corporal, or could be in a national service uniform, and bears a strong resemblance, almost identical, to the groom. I believe they are brothers and maybe even twins.

“I have a list of ten Marriage Announcements from 1948 to 1953, which I have whittled down to six possibilities.”

Do you know who is in the photograph? If you have any information get in touch at