KATIE Price has vowed to carry on fighting online trolls after losing a court battle against a man who shared an offensive video mocking her disabled son.

The former glamour model appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain today with her son Harvey, to discuss last week's result at Hastings Magistrates' Court.

Phillip Lewer had been accused of sharing a racist video with two people mocking 18-year-old Harvey and his mother, with one of them wearing blackface.

The 52-year-old, who did not appear in the video himself, was found not guilty of sending by public communication network an offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing message, after claiming it was sent as a "joke".

The Argus: Katie Price on Good Morning Britain todayKatie Price on Good Morning Britain today

Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, Katie said she was disappointed by the court result, having branded Lewer a "coward" and pledged to continue "fighting for justice" for her son.

She said: "I was upset.

"Even in court when I was being cross-examined I made it clear - you must all have kids. I am a mother, and how it makes me feel, seeing that of Harvey, is really upsetting.

"It makes me angry. All I'm trying to do is my best to defend Harvey and be his voice to help protect everyone else.

"They were mocking me too but I've got a voice and can speak up - Harvey can't.

"In my eyes, even if you retweet it, you're still part of it.

"It's a no brainer - everyone knows something should be in place.

"It's happening to everybody - footballers, MPs - it happens to everyone out there."

Katie has previously appeared before MPs to discuss the internet trolling targeted at Harvey.

This was linked to her campaign for a new law, which she has dubbed “Harvey’s Law”, to make online abuse a specific offence and to create a register of offenders.

The Argus: Katie Price with her son HarveyKatie Price with her son Harvey

Katie spoke to Good Morning Britain hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid about the court result from her garden, with Harvey sitting next to her.

The 42-year-old reassured her son when a light reflector collapsed on the pair during the interview, taking Harvey by surprise.

She said: "Oh did that fall down - don't worry, Harv.

"That's live TV for you."

Host Richard Madeley later apologised after Harvey swore following the gaffe.

Writing on Twitter, many people shared their support for Katie.

One person wrote: "Just love Harvey Price and hats off to Katie", while another penned: "Love her or not, she’s a fantastic mother especially to Harvey and the airtime she had today wasn’t about her and it was worth the watch."