A MOTHER holding her young child was sent flying after she was shoved from behind by a teenager.

Charlie Dendo Wild was running through Kings Road and into Middle Street in Brighton to get away from a chase.

But the drunk 19-year-old barged into the back of Vida Baltrusaityte who was knocked unconscious.

Witnesses said Wild showed no regard for other people around him and carried on running.

He was drunk, but was stopped at the scene and arrested.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court district judge Amanda Kelly found him guilty in his absence of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The judge ruled that there was no malice intended by Wild towards Ms Baltrusaityte, who was out with her young daughter and husband in Brighton.

The Argus: Brighton Magistrates' CourtBrighton Magistrates' Court

But the trial which took place without him ruled that his actions were reckless.

It happened in Middle Street in The Lanes on July 31 last year in the early evening, and video footage from police who attended the scene showed there were many people in the streets.

Brian Shaw, defending Wild, asked witnesses if they had seen his client being chased, and asked them if they were sure that his client had taken no evasive action.

Witness Yogi Shah said: “There was obviously a kerfuffle, then I saw a young man running away from them, towards me.

“He was making no conscious effort to account for anybody else in a busy street. He was heading straight towards this lady holding her child.

“I remember his arms and legs going up, and the lady’s arms and legs going up as she crashed to the floor.

“She was shocked, and for a moment it seemed almost surreal. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen.

“He was then running straight towards me, I had to decide what I was going to do. I thought I couldn’t let him get away with what I had just seen so I stopped him and restrained him.”

Ms Baltrusaityte said: “I came to Brighton with my husband and daughter for a visit and we went for dinner. It was quite a busy day.

“I remember hearing people shouting ‘catch him’. I felt a hit to my back then afterwards there was nothing. I can’t remember.

“It was a strong push, I was flying. I don’t remember hitting the ground.”

The Argus: Middle Street, BrightonMiddle Street, Brighton

The judge issued a warrant for Wild’s arrest as he had failed to show up to court.

Ms Kelly said it was “quite possible” that Wild, of Abbey Park Road, Grimsby, Lincolnshire, was being chased.

But she said in her judgment no effort was made by the defendant to avoid Ms Baltrusaityte.

The judge said it was clear Wild was “very drunk indeed”, he was slurring his words and was unsteady on his feet.

“There was absolutely no malice on his part, this was a very unfortunate incident,” the judge said, but ruled that the teenager had been reckless.

The court heard how Wild has previous convictions as a youth in Lincolnshire for drugs matters in 2017 and 2018. He was also convicted of inflicting grievous bodily harm without intent in 2018, and for common assault in 2018.

A warrant for his arrest was issued and he now faces sentencing over the incident in Brighton.