ENGLAND fans soaked up the sun as they watched the team get off to the perfect start.

As Raheem Sterling's goal against Croatia gave Gareth Southgate's England team a crucial victory, fans cheered on from Hastings Pier, White Rock.

The venue hosted roughly 400 fans who were able to watch the match on the big screen. They were able to remain socially distanced in the landmark's Bier Garden by being on their own picnic benches spaced far enough apart.

Despite not being able to go to the match at Wembley, spirits were high, and passion was on display as fans sang songs, drank beer and even painted the St George's flag on their faces.

There were more than a few actual flags on display during the match for those who wanted more than just face paint.

One group of fans even took a cardboard cut out of England manager Gareth Southgate. The Crawley-born manager's cut out was wearing his recognisable waistcoat from the 2018 World Cup finals.

Due to covid-19 restrictions, only 22,500 fans were allowed to go watch the team live at Wembley Stadium, which would usually be able to hold 90,000.