POLICE are appealing for witnesses after a couple stole from a cafe’s tip jar.

Owners of the Carats Café in Basin Road South in Southwick said they have CCTV which appears to show a woman reaching into the tip jar and repeatedly taking coins, before passing them to her partner.

Drinks and ice creams were also reportedly stolen from the café while staff were distracted, and police said about £30 was stolen in tip money.

The café’s owner Chris Karaszewski said the cafe had received complaints from a couple who demanded a full refund for their four meals.

He shared the CCTV footage on Facebook and was overwhelmed by messages of support from customers.

Chris said: “We're a family-run business and everyone tries their very best to make sure everyone has a good experience.

“I was upset that they think they can come in and do that. It's the cheek of it really.

"I'm staggered at the number of calls we've had from people to say how sorry they are this happened. I've been very touched by that."

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police are investigating after a man and a woman went into Carats Cafe in Basin Road South, Southwick, on Saturday at about 11.39am and stole money from the staff tip jar worth about £30.

“The suspects also stole cakes and drinks from the front counter while distracting staff. 

“Anyone who witnessed the theft or has any information about the suspects is asked to report online or ring 101.”