AN ABUSIVE lout spat in the face and eyes of a police officer after terrorising her mother and her young brothers.

Viktoria Pold went on the rampage after taking prescription drugs and too much alcohol in Brighton.

Her terrified mother Olga Morunova tried to hide with her sons and barricaded herself into rooms at her home to escape her daughter.

The 28-year-old Estonian punched Ms Morunova in the face and arms and broke into the different rooms in the house.

Police were called after her mother was heard screaming and shouting in Russian in a terrified 999 call.

Then when police arrived, Pold spat at PC Jessica Davies and kicked out at PC Kayleigh Jones.

At Brighton Magistrates’ Court Pold admitted three assaults and was given a four-month suspended prison sentence.

The court heard how PC Davies was left in fear of having contracted Hepatitis C and HIV from Pold.

Martina Sherlock, prosecuting, said the incident unfolded on November 7 last year after Pold had been drinking alcohol and taking too much of the prescription drug pregabalin.

She said: “Police found a mother and her two young sons in a high state of distress upstairs where they had barricaded themselves into a bedroom.

“The defendant had suddenly become violent, lashing out and punching her mother in the face and arms.

“Her mother sought refuge away from her, but she forced her way into different rooms, on each occasion her mother was holding the door closed. Her mother called 999 and was screaming and shouting in Russian.

“Outside the address, PC Jessica Davies attended, and the defendant spat directly in her face and eyes at close range. She struck PC Kayleigh Jones to the leg.”

PC Davies said 2020 was a “traumatic” year for her because of the incident. She said: “The pandemic is worrying enough as it is without someone spitting in your face.

“The job I do is hard. I never thought I would have to sit in a hospital, at risk of having contracted Hepatitis C or HIV.

“This incident made me feel sad, frightened, disgusting and unclean. I’m only glad it happened to me and not one of my colleagues.”

Josie Sonessa, defending, said her client could not remember the incident but made “full and frank admissions of guilt”.

“She apologises for her conduct, there is no excuse,” Ms Sonessa said. “She deeply regrets what happened.”

Ms Sonessa said Pold, of Langdale Road, Hove, has only recently managed to stabilise her life and secure accommodation.

If she were sent to prison straight away it would risk her being back homeless on the streets using drugs after her release.

Magistrate Jo King heard how Pold has health problems but said: “With your health conditions, spitting into the face of a police officer doing their duty is a very serious offence.”

Pold was put under curfew for three months between 8pm and 7am daily, and must complete 20 rehabilitation sessions with the probation service.

She must also pay £200 in compensation to PC Davies and £60 to PC Jones, which will be taken from her benefits.