A DODGY tradesman selling counterfeit fashion items has appeared in court.

James Aldridge was offering goods purporting to be from major brands like Hugo Boss and Louis Vuitton from his home in Sussex.

The 28-year-old was investigated by trademarks regulator TM Eye Ltd.

He admitted selling items between September to December 2019.

This included a Hugo Boss tracksuit and jacket, and Louis Vuitton headphones.

The fraud also included him passing off fake Hugo Boss packaging as the real thing.

Aldridge was hauled before Hastings Magistrates' Court last month where it was revealed he had sold goods with intent to make a gain for himself or cause loss to another.

Magistrate John Iannou ordered the items be forfeited.

He told Aldridge, of South Road, Hailsham, to complete 60 hours of unpaid work and to pay a £95 surcharge and £250 costs.