A number of companies have withdrawn advertising from newly launched news channel GB News.

Advertisers have started to distance themselves from the “anti-woke” and “anti cancel culture” bastion of free speech.

Here is all we know so far:

Which brands have boycotted GB News so far?

Cider brand Kopparberg was among the first to pull its adverts claiming they didn’t even know they were on the channel.

In a statement posted on Twitter, they said: “We want to make it clear to everyone that our ad ran on this channel without our knowledge or consent.

"Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content”.

The Argus: Chairman of GB News Andrew NeilChairman of GB News Andrew Neil

Next, Ikea also said they didn’t know their ads were running on GB News.

Since then, Dutch beer brand Grolsch and Nivea have also suspended adverts from the channel, as has the Open University, Octopus Energy, Specsavers, Ovo Energy and insurer LV.

Why is the boycott happening?

Campaign group Stop Funding Hate has targeted all the brands that advertise on GB News to ask them to stop.

A website BoycottGBNews.org has also been set up by former BBC producer Louise Wikstrom.

She told MailOnline her company that supports the website is “proud to take a stand against biased news through this campaign, together with thousands of supporters who have written to GB News’ advertisers to make their voices heard.”

Some of the content GB News is churning out has already proved controversial, perhaps causing brands to feel cautious.

Presenter Dan Wootton, for instance, triggered over 350 Ofcom complaints after he accused the government of creating a coronavirus “scare campaign”.

The channel has also featured guests like Laurence Fox and Nigel Farage.

Are any brands defending GB News?

The Co-op is.

The supermarket chain said on Twitter: "We have developed a detailed and thoughtful advertising approach, which is driven by 3 principles:

“1 - We will not seek to affect the editorial independence of publications or channels.

“2 - We will not undermine the commercial value of our society for our members.

“3 - We will ensure our values and principles are clear and undiminished regardless of surrounding content.”

Meanwhile, speaking to the Telegraph, Paul Withers, the chief executive of a gold dealing firm called Direct Bullion, hailed GB News as a “breath of fresh air”.

He said: “The response we have had from the channel has been strong; we will be looking to increase our ad spend, not retract.

“Many of our customers are over 50 years old and have had enough of the same rhetoric, whether it’s about investing, political issues, Brexit or Covid.

“I hear the same thing time and time again. GB News, while it may be upsetting some people, it’s also breathing fresh air to others.”

Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said businesses “must not succumb to pressure groups”.

Speaking to MailOnline, he said: “As we’ve seen this week with the totally unacceptable harassment of a BBC journalist, we cannot take it for granted.

"It is up to brands to advertise where they wish, but it would be worrying if they allow themselves to succumb to pressure groups.”

What is GB News?

It is not entirely clear how the channel will operate, but those behind the channel have insisted it will conform to Ofcom rules on impartiality. 

In an interview with The I, Neil said: “It will be based more like MSNBC in America, which is on the left, and Fox, which is on the right.

“They don’t do rolling news. They do news when it breaks, but they don’t do continuous rolling news.”

“They segment the day into individual programmes, news-based programmes, built around very strong presenters, or anchors as they call them in the United States, and that is what we will do too.

“[GB News will have] Anchors with a bit of edge, a bit of attitude, bit of personality – and people will make an appointment to view them. That’s the plan.”

What channel is GB News on?

The channel will be available on Freeview as channel 236 and Freesat on 216.

The GB News Sky channel will be 515 with Virgin Media channel 626 hosting the channel. 

The Argus: The breakfast presenters at GB NewsThe breakfast presenters at GB News

GB News presenters and shows

There will be a host of TV presenters and familiar faces on the new channel when it airs across all 7 days of the week, including ex-BBC presenter Simon McCoy, former executive editor for The Sun Dan Wootton, and ex-Sky broadcaster Colin Brazier.

Andrew Neil will present a nightly news programme on the channel containing “Wokewatch” and “Mediawatch” segments.

Dan Wootton, known for his role in breaking the story of Megxit, will present Tonight Live With Dan Wootton five nights a week, while broadcaster Nana Akua will host Tonight Live With Nana Akua.

Recently, the BBC was criticised for having future GB News presenter, and former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry on Question Time. The businesswoman will host a programme called Dewbs & Co every weeknight.

Former Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright will all be part of the lineup for the morning offering, The Great British Breakfast. They will also work across other shows.

Others who have a show on the channel include Mercy Muroki, Alaistair Stewart and Andrew Doyle, with McCoy and Alex Phillips co-hosting an afternoon programme.

Neil Oliver, the Scottish historian, presenter and author, known for programmes including Coast and A History Of Ancient Britain, will also have a show called Neil Oliver Live. 

Andrew Doyle will host Free Speech Nation, described by the channel as “a fearless filleting of the country’s thorniest debates”.

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