ARGUS readers have been debating what the anthem of Sussex should be.

Sussex by the Sea, written by William Ward-Higgs in 1907, is often considered the unofficial anthem of Sussex by people living in the county.

However, for Sussex Day this week, there were some suggestions that the county could adopt a new anthem but most people were generally against any replacement for Sussex by the Sea.

Matt Roberts believes that Sussex by the Sea is good enough and should remain. He said: "We already have one, and it is a corker."

An unmoved Chris Bennett said: "Always Sussex by the Sea, no question."

Steve Brewer said: "Sussex by the Sea, of course."

Tim Ovard said: "There's only one anthem. Sussex by the Sea."

Forty people agreed with them by saying Sussex by the Sea should be the county's anthem. There was, however, a couple of people who did have some interesting suggestions for new anthems for the county.

John Marsland said: "Anti Nowhere League song 'So What'. It mentions Hastings, Brighton and Eastbourne. It's a beautiful ditty."

Even though the Anti Nowhere League song does mention plenty of locations in the county, the rest of the lyrics do not represent an appropriate family chant.

Hazel Page wanted the county to adopt a musical theme. She said: "It's a Hard Knock Life, or the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, basically any of the songs from Annie."

Michael Pierce said: "Bicycle, Bicycle, I Want To Ride My Bicycle."

These lyrics are a clear nod to Queen's song Bicycle Race that was released in 1978. It clearly refers to the bike lanes that have been put in place.

However, for now Sussex by the Sea is definitely here to stay.