VANDALS have damaged the i360, leaving a crack in the glass structure.

The £46 million Brighton seafront attraction said specialists were called in to repair the window after the damage was inflicted earlier this month.

This comes as residents complain of "rowdy raves" with sound systems in the area.

"The i360 has a big crack in it," said one i360 visitor, who sent pictures to The Argus.

"Doesn't seem to stop it from running but not exactly what you want to see at 450ft," he added.

A spokeswoman from British Airways i360 said the glass was "unfortunately" damaged by vandals.

She said: "Specialist glaziers have repaired the crack to stop it from spreading any further.

"The glass in the pod is a multi-layer laminate, so a crack in one layer presents no risk to customer safety.

"The glass panel was due to be replaced last year by the original production teams who are based in France and Italy.

"Covid related travel restrictions have delayed this replacement, but as soon as restrictions are lifted the glass will be replaced.”

The damage comes amid reports of late-night raves in the area.

However, it is not known whether the incidents are linked.

Loud parties were reported to have happened until the early hours of May 29.

Residents also say the parties, including sound systems, took place on June 8 and 9.

Reporting the parties to police on Twitter, one resident said: "There’s a really loud party happening next to the i360 with full sound system.

"Driving us all nuts who have to sleep for work in the morning.

"Please tell them to go home... it can’t be legal."

Another resident said: "Every single night. Last night I could hear it super loud at least until 1am.

"Please Sussex Police, do something. They do it because no one enforces the law in this area

"They are again by the i360, in Brighton, very, very loud, rowdy behaviour."

Sussex Police said incident reports were created on the June occasions and local officers were called the scene.