The letter criticising the "Liveable City" proposal is missing the point (Car protest, Argus Letters, Friday, June 18). In fact, it it's not just missing one point, it's missing so many it's as inaccurate as Gareth Bale in front of an open goal.

Missed Goal 1: Less congestion in Brighton and Hove means delivery drivers, tradespeople, carers, taxis, blue badge holders and emergency vehicles will get to their destinations more quickly and easily. That's because there will be fewer drivers of private cars who create jams with unnecessary journeys.

Missed Goal 2: There will be health benefits for everyone because air quality could fall below safe, legal limits. There will be fewer private cars emitting exhaust fumes and shedding the very nasty particles from tyres and brakes. This is crucial for sufferers of respiratory conditions, including asthma. It's also significant to everybody else because the same poisonous air has been shown to shorten the lives of scores of people in Brighton and Hove.

Missed Goal 3: Lives are also tragically lost because of motor vehicle crashes. Others suffer life-changing injuries from these collisions and yet more have to overcome short-term injuries and trauma, not to mention the toll they place on our health system and emergency services. These terrible incidents have become commonplace. Helping people to cut their car trips through the city means there will be fewer vehicles and fewer chances of awful crashes.

Missed Goal 4: It's perfectly possible to get into, through and out of Brighton and Hove without a private car and park and ride, by using public transport. There are up to 100 bus and coach services, some running every eight minutes. There are hundreds of train departures and arrivals daily at the city's seven stations, as tens of millions of passengers know each year. And don't forget the taxis.

Missed Goal 5: More than a third of the city's residents don't have a car yet this silent minority endures the hazards and humiliations of being treated as second-class citizens. They have to give way to traffic every time they want to cross the road. If they're lucky, they get to push a button on a pelican crossing and wait until the sensors detect a gap in the traffic before showing a green man. Zebra crossings are scarce and pedestrians still have to think twice before stepping out.

Missed Goal 6: Sitting in cars does little for mental or physical health. There's an obesity crisis and one way of helping it is for people to move around under their own steam, by foot, wheelchair, handcycle or bicycle. Making the city easier for these ways to get around not only helps people get fitter but also helps the NHS by reducing pressure on its cardiac, diabetes and obesity departments.

Missed Goal 7: The climate emergency requires us to stop polluting the air with the greenhouse gases that come out of our vehicles. Those emissions make it more likely that Brighton and Hove will suffer the consequences of sea level rise and extreme weather.

These seven open goals, missed one after another by last Friday's letter, are reason enough for Brighton and Hove to take good steps at reducing unnecessary motor vehicle journeys. By the way, I'm a fan of Gareth Bale if only because he can assist others brilliantly to score wonderful goals. I hope this is similarly helpful.

Max Glaskin

Chester Terrace