It is good to see The Argus supporting park and ride.

Brighton Area Buswatch has been promoting park and ride for many years. We suggested a park and ride trial using Mill Road this summer.

This site has been used successfully for many years as a football park and ride. Its location close to the A23 and A27 junction makes it perfect to attract visitors.

Park and ride was a recommendation from Brighton and Hove City Councils own climate assembly last year yet the Council’s latest draft Local Transport Plan 5, which sets out its vision and priorities the period to 2030, barely mentions park and ride, so it clearly isn’t a priority and won’t happen any time soon.

Without it, people from outside the city will continue to drive into the centre of Brighton creating unnecessary congestion and pollution. That will delay our local bus services, making them slower and unreliable so fares will go up.

They should look elsewhere, there are plenty of examples of successful P&R schemes in the South of England, Oxford, Guildford, Reading, Canterbury, Cambridge, Winchester, Portsmouth and Southampton is building one now.

Andrew Boag

Chairman, Brighton Area Buswatch