HUNDREDS of people are expected to gather in another Kill the Bill protest in Brighton this week.

The demonstration is set to take place on Thursday to coincide with a House of Commons debate on the government's new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts bill.

Protestors in opposition controversial bill will meet at 12.30pm in Victoria Gardens, Brighton.

The Brighton branch of the Kill the Bill protest group has issued a public call out for supporters and the public to join their demonstration.

In a tweet, the organisation said: “Join us on your lunch break while we visit sites of police violence in Brighton, make some noise, and build resistance to Priti and Johnson's authoritarian government.”

The Police, Crime and Sentencing Bill looks to increase the maximum penalty for criminal damage of less than £5,000 to a memorial from three months to ten years’ imprisonment, the same maximum sentence for non-sexual child abuse.

It would also grant police additional powers to restrict protests by imposing start and finish times and setting noise limits.

These limitations could be applied to a protest involving a single person.

The bill is currently at the committee stage, where a detailed examination will take place and evidence from experts and interest groups from outside Parliament will take place.

Once committee stage is finished, the Bill returns to the floor of the House of Commons for its report stage, where the amended Bill can be debated, and further amendments proposed.

Last month, Kill The Bill protestors brought bank holiday traffic to a standstill as they marched through the city.

Those taking part held homemade banners and placards, as they marched through congested city streets.

Photos taken from the event showed the bank holiday traffic brought to a halt, as protesters waved flags and banners.

Just over an hour after the protest began, it ended at the Old Steine roundabout in front of a packed Palace Pier.