SCAMMERS are trying to con people more convincingly in a new Hermes scam.

Advice has been issued to prevent people from falling victim.

It says: "There’s been a resurgence in fake Hermes texts trying to lure you into bank transfer scams.

"Scam texts claiming to be from delivery company Hermes have been circulating for a long time, but recently the scammers behind them have been trying to make their attempts to con you more convincing."

The advise was issued in a newsletter from Oxford Neighbourhood Watch but people in other parts of the country are thought to have been targetted.

The scams start out as a text message saying you have either missed a delivery or there is a fee to pay for a parcel.

They include a link that takes you through to enter details or make a small payment.

But Hermes never asks for payments via text – it only sends links that let you view parcel tracking.

Because customers have wised-up to this, scammers are now including other details in the message to mimic real Hermes texts by offering links to ‘track’ a parcel.

Some now include an estimated time of delivery and the names of big retailers.

They are sometimes followed up shortly after with a fake missed delivery notification from the same number.