PUBS are enjoying the "good spirits" of football fans during this summer Euros.

Even though pubs are not allowed to operate at full capacity and can't have standing patrons, they have been experiencing a fantastic atmosphere during the tournament.

England guaranteed their place at the top of Group D after they beat the Czech Republic by a single goal.

The Fiddler's Elbow in Boyce's Street, Brighton, is operating at 40 per cent capacity since reopening.

The venue has been fully booked for the England games but has also seen the pub fill for matches that have not featured the Three Lions.

The Argus: Liam O'Brien, manager at the Fiddler's ElbowLiam O'Brien, manager at the Fiddler's Elbow

Manager Liam O'Brien said: "After the time spent closed, the pub has felt completely full during the Euros even though we are at a limited capacity.

"The England games have been amazing, and we can't wait for the next ones, especially as people have been in such good spirits and well behaved.

"Everyone is slightly subdued in their celebrations, shouting and cheering because of the regulations, but I think there has still been a good atmosphere for the games.

"What else has been great is having supporters and representation from other countries like Portugal, Poland and Belgium."

The Argus: Hare and Hounds pub in London Road, BrightonHare and Hounds pub in London Road, Brighton

The Hare and Hounds in London Road, Brighton, can welcome groups inside and outside and have been showing all the games.

Barman Luke Robinson said: "It's been really good so far; everyone has been enjoying it for what it is during these tricky times. Even though the pub is operating at a reduced capacity, it has seemed full because of the great atmosphere.

"I was a bit stressed during the first game, thinking it was going to be mad, but it has been fine. The majority of people have been well behaved and respectful.

"The next game should be good, I worked the Scotland game and even though the match wasn't the best, it was still good to have people in the pub.

"Of course, there are the odd couple of people that will cause a few problems, but that has been easy to deal with.

"For the most part, managing people through the restrictions is fine. We can have larger groups outside, but they just need reminding of the rules from time to time."

The Argus: Ye Old King and Queen in BrightonYe Old King and Queen in Brighton

Ye Olde King and Queen in Marlborough Place, Brighton, has been in full swing since the start of the Euros. The venue is decorated with countries' flags.

General manager Mark Such said: "It's lovely to have the sport back on, and it is great to have fans back in the pub cheering on the country.

"It is incredibly challenging to manage the people and keep them in order with the restrictions that have been put on us.

"We're making the pub safe and good for people coming, but it does take some of the fun out of it."