Well done to The Argus on the way it has highlighted the need to find caring homes for rescue dogs.

My family grew by two recently with the adoption of two rescue kittens, who appear to be enjoying our home as much we are enjoying them.

I feel strongly that we can't treat animals inhumanely if we want a decent society where people are treated properly as well - brutality breeds brutality.

There has always been strong support for animal welfare in this city as shown by campaigns like those against live animal exports at Shoreham harbour.

I hope thousands of readers of The Argus will take the trouble to sign the RSPCA petition for welfare-friendly chicken during the next few weeks.

There is no excuse for supermarkets not to take a lead on this and your signature will put pressure on them.

You can sign at www.support chickennow.co.uk or text chicken1 to 60022. We can all make a difference.

  • Simon Burgess, Labour parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown