A MUCH-LOVED comedian has been remembered with the opening of a new restaurant.

Spike's at The Lodge has been named after the popular writer and comedian Spike Milligan, who died in 2002.

He was the co-creator of The Goon Show – the hit BBC radio series said to be the inspiration for Monty Python.

Milligan spent the last years of his life and is now buried in Winchelsea near Rye, the restaurant is located near hear in Hastings Road.

His family have given their full support to the restaurant with his daughter Jane visiting with her partner Wendy.

Jane said: "Winchelsea and Rye are very special to me, it was Spike's home for 20 years, and the whole area is filled with happy memories, and it is, of course, Spike's final resting place.

"Being able to visit The Lodge and enjoy their great hospitality gives me all the home feels."

The Argus: Spike's at the lodgeSpike's at the lodge

The restaurant has been opened by Lee Stillwell, a hotelier and restaurateur, and his business partner Martin Nathan, whose

company owned The Lodge before it was re-named and re-opened.

It was originally planned to open in the summer of 2020 but the opening was delayed due to the pandemic and difficulty finding a head chef.

A head chef, Lee Cosson was found in October last year, but further lockdowns meant the restaurant could only operate a basic takeaway menu.

Despite opening in May, the venue will celebrate its full opening by having an event on July 10.

This will allow Jane and Wendy to show their support in person.

Lee Stillwell said: "It won't feel like Spike's at The Lodge has truly been launched and opened until Jane and Wendy have been back."

Spike's serves modern British food with dishes including oysters, pigeon and pheasant, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

All the meals are prepared fresh and on the premises and are delivered from within a 12-mile radius.