THERE were scenes of "utter carnage" with fans riding on cars and shaking and rocking vehicles in the city centre after England's win.

Football fans passionately celebrated the win over Ukraine in the quarter-finals of the Euros well into the night with police clearing West Street after crowds gathered to chant in the middle of the road.

Fans were in full voice, singing many songs of support for the national team.

Chants of "It's coming home" was a regular occurrence, as well as individual player chants.

The Argus: England fans celebrate in West Street, BrightonEngland fans celebrate in West Street, Brighton

An estimated group of around 300 fans went into the road to celebrate together.

The group's celebrations were then joined by drivers from inside their cars. Some drivers started beeping their car horns, and some even started to do burnouts.

The spinning of the car wheels and revving of their engines caused smoke to fill the street, completely obscuring people's vision outside of Popworld on West Street.

The fans started gathering around the cars, shaking, banging on their roofs and rocking them from side to side and cheering them as they drove off.

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They were chanting, "let's go f***g mental" in the process as there was a party atmosphere.

At one point, a car drove off with one fan lying on top of the car bonnet. However, he quickly got down after a few metres when the car stopped.

Some of the crowd were still drinking and throwing their cups into the air as part of the celebrations.

Watch the celebrations here

An eyewitness told the Argus: "It is like life is back to normal seeing everyone celebrate together.

"The atmosphere is incredible, hearing all the songs and seeing everyone take part, it will be very memorable.

"Although you could easily say what is happening is utter carnage."

The crowd did the same to multiple cars for roughly ten minutes before the police arrived to clear the road. The crowd did start to disperse into the rest of the city.

Fans in Brighton were ecstatic with the result and took to the streets in order to celebrate the team's progression in the tournament.

The Three Lions swept aside Ukraine 4-0 to set themselves up with a semi-final tie against Denmark.

Harry Kane scored twice in the match, as well as Harry Maguire and Jordan Henderson to give Gareth Southgate's side a deserved victory.