JUBILANT football fans took to the streets after Gareth Southgate's side advanced to the semi-finals of Euro 2020.

Fans could be seen chanting, dancing and forming large crowds, and there was also interaction from drivers who started doing burnouts - spinning their wheels with the handbrake on - to create fogs of smoke.

While fans were happy to be celebrating the football, some people were not happy to so many people apparently breaking Covid-19 restrictions and that some of the celebrations were over the top.

Joshua Boyle said: "Nice to see the people who constantly decried protests, wearing masks and social distancing, are also condemning the actions of the footie fans with none of those precautions and causing criminal damage."

The Argus: England fans celebrated beating Ukraine in BrightonEngland fans celebrated beating Ukraine in Brighton

Gill Dumbell said: "Absolutely no need for this. Why can't they just bask in the moment instead of kicking off."

Kelly Murphy said: "Now this is what ruins celebrations during events like football."

Scott Davidson said: "Chanting is all well and good, why the hell not, but certain activities are a worry.

"It doesn't surprise me. When walking through the city centre streets it is good-natured in the afternoon, but I noticed things were quite trashy.

"I made sure I was back indoors well before the game started."

Some people did show support for the group of roughly 300 people taking part in the celebrations.

They suggested that after 18 months of the pandemic and lockdowns, people should be able to "have fun".

Daniel Taylor said: "Great to see the youth take back their freedom."

"Let's hope this all leads to the re-establishment of a strong youth culture.

Lisa Putman said: "They are having fun. We have been shut in for a year. Leave them be."