AS IKEA pulls its plans on the New Monks Farm development, we took a look at what was originally planned for the site.

Cala Homes acquired the land in Mash Barn Lane, Lancing last year for the scheme, which aimed to transform the area around Brighton and Hove Albion training ground into a collection of one and two bedroom apartments and two to five bedroom homes.

Planning was approved in February 2020 for the mixed-use development, which would include 600 homes, an Ikea, a primary school, a community centre and a new A27 access roundabout.

The site was given the go-ahead after the developer Brighton and Hove Albion Holdings agreed to pay £3.6 million towards the opening of the new primary school.

Cala Homes developed the scheme in collaboration under the new name New Monks Farm Ltd, and construction began earlier this year on the side of the development which was to include the popular furniture retailer.

The furniture giant selected the site in Lancing just over five years ago but yesterday announced it was scrapping the store and planned to sell the land it had acquired instead.

It is understood that Ikea pulling out will not affect the housing, the training ground or the rest of the New Monks Farm Development. It will not impact on the finances of the football club.

Ikea cited a change in shopping habits as more customers move online to make purchases.

The land in Lancing will be advertised for sale in due course as part of an open bidding process, the company said.

Richard Rands, market expansion manager at IKEA UK and Ireland, said: “This has not been an easy decision to make.

"Today, we are operating in an incredibly fast-changing retail environment and customer shopping habits aren’t as they once were.

"Although we know that there is great potential in Sussex, we no longer believe that an IKEA store on the outskirts of Lancing is the optimum way to reach customers in the region.

"We understand this news may disappoint some and we remain committed to serving customers in Lancing in the best possible way, through both our online offer and home delivery service, as well as our remote selling and planning facilities.”

The first homes at the development went on sale to prospective buyers earlier this year, as building work progressed on the first batch of homes near the Mash Barn estate.

However restrictions in the contract mean a maximum of 249 homes can be occupied before the A27 access roundabout roadworks are completed.

Cala Homes said prices range between £335,000 and almost £700,000, depending on the size of the property.

A detached three-bedroom home costs between £485,000 and £525,000, while a detached, four-bedroom property with a garage and parking spaces will set you back £690,000.