Brighton has been beaten by Bath as the best city in the UK for a backyard barbecue, according to a recent report.

To coincide with National Barbecue week, Next Home and Garden analysed a range of factors including sunlight hours, average summer temperature, as well as online searches for barbecue-related terms.

While Brighton scored higher for having an extra hour of sunlight and a slightly higher temperature than Bath, the Somerset city pushed Brighton to second place due to its larger than average garden sizes; 204 square metres, compared with Brighton’s average of 23.

Also making up the top five were Chester, Newcastle and Edinburgh, with the Scottish capital scoring highly for its number of butchers and average of eight hours of sunlight.

Despite Brighton’s range of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, the city only placed fourth in ranking for the best city for a meat-free barbecue.

The city had the highest number of search terms for meat-free barbecues, but Bath again took first place with more than triple the number of vegan supermarkets; 10 to Brighton’s three.

Unfortunately, England fans planning a barbecue for the European Championship final on Sunday could be disappointed, with the Met Office predicting cloudy weather and a 50 per cent chance of rain by 7pm.

A spokesperson at Next said: “Covid taught us just how much we love and appreciate our outside space and what better way to celebrate this than a British barbecue.

“With the rule of six outside now lifted, we’re anticipating British barbecues to be bigger than ever this year.”