VIDEO captures the moment England fans drowned out Piers Corbyn during an anti-lockdown demonstration with chants of "it's coming home".

Piers Corbyn, elder brother of the former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, joined the Brighton protest against Covid measures this afternoon.

The 74-year-old had been trying to share messages using a megaphone opposite the Waggon and Horses pub in the city centre.

But he was soon drowned out with elated chants of "it's coming home" from eager football fans - with one getting Mr Corbyn's microphone himself and using it to sing Three Lions.

One passerby said: "You couldn't make out what he was going on about.

"He was with a woman who seemed to be dressed as a mermaid wearing a crown and carrying a stuffed pink unicorn.

"It was all very boisterous but good-natured, he took it well and, in the end, he just gave up".

The Argus: Man gets Piers Corbyn's microphone to shout 'it's coming home' Credit Katpenkin

Fans walking along Church Street were captured shouting "it's coming home" at Mr Corbyn on a clip shared on social media.

Mr Corbyn then appears to pass his microphone to a delighted fan who uses it to join in with the excited chorus.

Twitter user Tom Sharman tweeted: "In Brighton right now there is an anti-mask protest that got completely drowned out by everyone singing 'it’s coming home' to shut them up."

The Argus: Piers Corbyn was with a woman who appeared to be dressed like a mermaid

"Gotta love England," someone replied.

The protesters met earlier this afternoon outside the Hove Peace Statue.

Mr Corbyn addressed the crowd with chants of "let Sussex live", "let Brighton live".

He said: "We've got to build organisations everywhere to defend our rights and we're now in the middle of our summer of discontent and if we don't win in this summer of discontent, we could be in a real dystopian nightmare this winter.

The Argus: Piers Corbyn was with a woman who appeared to be dressed like a mermaid

"We know why we're here, we're opposing any more lockdowns, we're opposing all the Covid rules, we're demanding scientific TV debate about the dangers of vax."

England take on Italy at Wembly Stadium tomorrow at 8pm.