THE vaccination bus on Hove Lawns has been postponed today after it was targeted by anti-lockdown demonstrators.

Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, took part in the Brighton demonstration yesterday afternoon.

Video captures the moment he led a chorus of shouts directed at the bus, which had been offering jabs for city residents on Hove Lawns.

"Clear off you scum, clear off you disgusting specimens of humanity, clear off, go home," he said through a microphone as the bus drove off.

Today, the Hove Lawns vaccination service has been postponed.

A volunteer on the bus said: "They were only successful in abusing and trying to intimidate the NHS staff/volunteers on the bus.

"We had finished vaccinating just under 200 people.

"They prevented us from going home after a long, wet day.

"The police ultimately had to escort us off the bus."

A statement from the NHS service said: "We are very sorry to announce that there has been a change to vaccination services in the city today.

"Whilst giving people first and second vaccinations at Hove Lawns yesterday, the mobile team experienced disruption during the anti-lockdown measures protest in the city.

"To ensure that everyone is able to receive their vaccine safely and without pressure put upon them, we are postponing the Hove Lawns vaccination service today.

"A walk-in vaccination service will continue at Brighton Racecourse this afternoon from 2.30pm to 6.30pm and everyone will be able to attend there.

"No appointments are necessary and it is free, quick and easy."

If you are unable to get to Brighton Racecourse, free transport is available from City Cabs - call 01273 205205 to arrange.

Brighton and Hove council leader Phelim Mac Cafferty, said: “As we have rising cases, it is incredibly disappointing to see the irresponsible actions of a few putting in danger the many.

“We reaffirm our city’s need to keep our population safe and we won’t be deterred from our important vaccination programme by the acts of cowards spreading misinformation.

“We encourage everyone to take up both vaccinations at the earliest point they can. Our proud tradition as a city is that we work against adversity and we won’t be deterred from fighting the pandemic together.”

Brighton and Hove has experienced a sharp rise in coronavirus infections in recent weeks, with the area recording 423.5 cases per 100,000 people for the seven days to July 5, according to data analysis by the PA news agency.

Peter Kyle said: "I cannot understand the mentality of someone who would bully hard-working NHS staff in the middle of the pandemic in this way.

"Anyone who does so is a loathsome bully who is beneath contempt. I notice some were carrying placards with the word freedom, it seems they want freedom for themselves to harassment, intimidate and propagate vile lies but not freedom for those who want to do their civic duty and protect themselves their loves ones and our whole community by getting vaccinated.

"The law on intimidation and harassment of public sector workers is clear and if there is evidence of any kind of this happening on Hove Lawns against the vaccine bus, I want them arrested, charged and I very much hope sentenced.

"Each and every one of them is beyond contempt in my book, I have no words that fully describe the disgust I have for them and their toxic views."