AN AUTHOR of city guides and storybooks is adding Brighton to the collection.

Mystery Guides challenge the reader to solve a series of clues while they tour a city and they also include historical facts.

Author and founder Jack Wells has already written books for London, Bath, Portsmouth and Winchester. Now he is adding Brighton, along with Bristol.

The storybook for Brighton is set in 1967 and focuses on the mods and rockers, renowned for their clashes on the seafront.

The Argus: Brighton Mystery Adventure, The mystery of who trashed Brighton rockBrighton Mystery Adventure, The mystery of who trashed Brighton rock

The mystery part of the guide involves a secret journalist in an adventure which kicks off at The Great Eastern pub in Trafalgar Street.

Jack Wells said: "I love to create stories and characters that are based on real historical events, so as well as being fun, you learn loads about the city's past."

Jack, from Southsea near Portsmouth, founded Mystery Guides in 2019. He has a degree in early modern history from the University of Sussex and his love for the subject, along with his passion for travel, inspired the books.

Jack wanted to create a fun way for people to discover new places and decided to create an "outdoor escape room" with a fictional crime to solve and a guide to cities' unique and interesting places.

The books are available to buy via