AN ACTOR whose cat was "surgically killed" is calling for people to sign a petition that will give greater protection for all animals.

Terry Mynott, who is known for his work in TV shows The Mimic and Motherland, has joined up with the RSPCA to support a petition to promote education and prevention for cruelty to animals.

The actor, who lives in Kemp Town, Brighton, had started his own petition, but after further research, he has decided to link up with the RSPCA.

The bid for more protection for animals comes after Steve Bouquet, the Brighton Cat Killer, was found guilty of stabbing 16 pet cats.

He killed nine cats and seven more he left to die managed to survive.

Mr Mynott said: "I have educated myself, I have joined forces with those who combat this every day like the RSPCA and have been having a look at what they need to happen, and they are pushing for education.

"Education is the only way forward, some people have messaged me saying it should be an eye for an eye, but you can't do that.

"He would get six months for animal cruelty, and I would get 16 years for whatever.

"It is about not turning it into the tragedy it is and instead make something better out of it that will help.

"Great funding for the RSPCA and government help is needed, I know we are in a pandemic, and it is tricky.

"I don't care about this guy, and I hope he gets the help that will stop him."

The Argus: An artist drawing of BowserAn artist drawing of Bowser

In 2018 Terry's cat, Bowser, died of blood poisoning following a wound that was suspected to be a knife wound.

The vets told Terry that the wound was almost surgical as there was no trauma in the surrounding area.

Terry believes that Bowser was a victim of Steve Bouquet, but because the two-year-old cat was cremated, there is no DNA evidence to link the cat killer to Bowser's death.

He said: "The police were very meticulous only to use the cats that had DNA evidence in the case.

"There was no DNA evidence because he was cremated.

"Everybody is saying to me they hope the book is thrown at the guy, but to be honest, I don't care.

"The damage has been done, it is a hippy way of looking at it, but all we have left is to try and do some good to stop any cruelty to animals.

"If you have an animal or love an animal, I really implore you to sign the petition."

The RSPCA is campaigning to try and raise awareness of the welfare needs of our nation's pets.

The charity also wants to improve the welfare of as many farm animals as possible at every stage of their lives.

You can sign the petition at