A NEW bar has opened selling drinks made with chocolate – and it’s sure to be a hit with anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Knoops in Market Street, Brighton, will sell milkshakes alongside other hot and cold chocolate drinks made with different ingredients.

The shop offers 21 different options with everything from white chocolate to 100 per cent dark chocolate - there are also vegan options.

It is the fifth shop that has been opened by Jens Knoop, who was born in Germany but now lives in Fairlight near Hastings.

The Argus: Jens Knoop photographed by Jamie Lau / Studio LauJens Knoop photographed by Jamie Lau / Studio Lau

He said: "A lot of people want to reward themselves after the last year, because it has been a challenging time mentally and physically, and this should be a good treat for them.

"There are chocolate shops all over the world, so I thought, let's try Brighton.

"The city is busy, and there is a food culture here, and I knew it would be a good place for a hot chocolate bar."

Knoops offers eat-in and takeaway service with drinks including dark chocolate and ginger, milk chocolate with orange and Madagascan white chocolate with notes of honey and banana.

They can be made with oat, almond, soya and coconut milk, as well as cow’s milk, and cost £4.10 on average with additional charges for any extras.

Jens added: "We never judge customers who come in wanting specific things, and there is no right or wrong, there is a chocolate for everybody.

"I love all chocolate, and there is a quality in all of them. It can help if you want a mood lift, if you want some energy, something exotic or something that is familiar and will remind you of your childhood.

The Argus: Jens Knoop photographed by Jamie Lau / Studio LauJens Knoop photographed by Jamie Lau / Studio Lau

"We take people on a journey, and through experimenting with different types, we hope to find their perfect chocolate."

Jens first moved to England to study photography at Bournemouth University.

After a photography and video streaming career in London, he decided to pursue his passion for chocolate and opened his first shop in Rye.

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It was a great success and he was able to open shops in London and now Brighton, creating more than eight jobs in the city.

The 50-year-old said: "Knoops means button in Dutch, and we work with chocolate buttons, so it was meant to be, I guess.