A SCHOOL has closed for the final two days of term after an outbreak of Covid-19.

King’s School in Hove announced on Friday that all remaining lessons of their summer term will be moved online for July 19 and 20.

In a statement released by headteacher Mrs Price, King’s School announced “several positive cases” at the school in recent weeks, which has led to “a significant number” of students isolating.

Mrs Price also highlighted the high Covid infection rates in Brighton and Hove, which “are having a clear impact on the number of school children needing to self-isolate”.

“We continue, of course, to be mindful of the need to protect the health of our students and staff, and also of the need to try to protect family holidays at the end of a very difficult year for many,” she said.

A regular timetable will run on July 19 with breaks and lunches at normal times, while an amended timetable will run on July 20 so students can have their final tutor times and watch assemblies.

On July 20, students will have periods one to three at the normal times, before tutor time period four - 11.30am to 12.20pm.

All students will finish at 12.20pm on July 20

Students are encouraged to log into Teams for their lessons on these days.

The Argus: King's School in Hove closed amid Covid outbreak King's School in Hove closed amid Covid outbreak

“We do understand that this is short notice and apologise for any inconvenience caused,” Mrs Price said,

“If you need your child/children to attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday, please notify us as soon as possible via email to admin@kingsschoolhove.org.uk and we will be able to make arrangements to accommodate them in school.”

A non-uniform day had been planned for Monday, July 19, with many students having already made charity donations.

“The finance team will email separately regarding how you can obtain a refund for donations; there will also be the option not to request a refund and any remaining monies once refunds have been actioned will be given to the designated charities,” Mrs Price added.