GREEN Party councillors from Brighton and Hove joined annual Trans Pride celebrations in the city in solidarity with the trans and non-binary community.

Now in its ninth year, Trans Pride Brighton hosted an online festival, with live broadcasts of special guests, workshops and online exercise events throughout the day.

To mark the occasion, the trans pride flag was flown from both Hove Town Hall and Brighton Town Hall in a show of support with the community in the city.


Councillor Steph Powell said: “Trans Pride is a fantastic event in our city, with thousands of people attending each year - and organisers have done so much to move the event online.

“Our city has a proud history of diversity and celebration of our LGBTQIA+ communities, from the trans scrutiny panel launched under the previous Green administration, work with our schools and on mental health.

"Trans pride is an important way we say loudly that this will continue. We demand a more equal future for our trans community, free from hatred and prejudice.”

The move comes after Green Party co-leader Sian Berry resigned amid internal divisions in the party over rights for trans people.


“There is now an inconsistency between the sincere promise to fight for trans rights and inclusion in my work and the message sent by the party’s choice of front bench representatives,” Ms Berry wrote in a statement.

“I can no longer make the claim that the party speaks unequivocally, with one voice, on this issue. And my conscience simply cannot agree with the argument that there is anything positive in sending these mixed messages, especially when the inclusive attitudes of our membership and wider society are clear.”

Trans Pride Brighton was founded in 2013 and is one of the largest events celebrating trans pride in the UK.