As temperatures continue to rise in Sussex this week we have put together a list of the best locations to take a dip and cool off.

Whether you are looking for a leisurely paddle around an open-air pool or a wild swim in the countryside, Sussex has some of the best places for outdoor swimming.

In no particular order, here are the most popular locations:

The Argus: Saltdean Lido, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex

1. Saltdean Lido, Saltdean

The Saltdean Lido houses a 40m pool which is great for families and serious swimmers, accompanied by a stand-out curvilinear building. There are also sunbathing lawns surrounding the pool. The Grade II-listed lido is in the midst of a £10 million restoration project which will include a ballroom, café and a library.

Saltdean Lido, The Oval Park, Saltdean Park Road, Saltdean, BN2 82P.

The Argus: Barcombe Mills, East Sussex. Photo by geograph/ Simon Carey

2. Barcombe Mills, Lewes, East Sussex

Barcombe Mills on the River Ouse near Lewes is one of the most popular spots for wild swimming, surrounded by grassy banks and meadows and complete with a car park near by. Following a footpath upstream for about a mile visitors will find the Anchor Inn pub where row boats can be hired. The current is gentle and water is deep so it is perfect for swimming.

The Argus: Arundel Lido, West Sussex

3. Arundel Lido, Arundel, West Sussex

Arundel Lido is the last remaining lido in West Sussex, and consists of two open-air pools that are open between April and September. On one side is a car park and houses are on the other, so it is slightly overlooked by housing but it's ideal location puts it right in the centre of Arundel.

Arundel Lido, Queen Street, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 9JG.

4. The Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

The outside pool at The Triangle is curved, with steps at one end and patio surrounding it. There are also outside rapids that can be entered from the inside pool.

The Triangle, Triangle Way, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 8WA.

The Argus:

5. Pells Pool, Lewes, East Sussex

Pells Pool is the oldest documented freshwater outdoor public pool in the UK as the water comes from an underground spring, which does mean it is unheated. There is a main large pool and a paddling pool for children, as well as a lawn and a café. Part of the main pool is cordoned off for more serious swimmers to do lengths.

Pells Pool, Brook Street, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2BA.

The Argus: Cuckmere meanders, East Sussex. Photo by georgraph/ Andrew Diack

6. Cuckmere meanders, Cuckmere River near Seaford, East Sussex

The meanders of the Cuckmere River are relatively shallow and wide, which makes them a good place to start for new outdoor swimmers but there are also deeper areas for those with more experience. The main part of the river is also a possible option, however the strong current means it is not encouraged for even experienced wild swimmers.

Any wild swimming beginners should be sure to research each area and make sure they are appropriately prepared in order to swim safely.