I AM glad that Brighton and Hove City Council is doing something about Western Road, which includes the refurbishment of street furniture.

At present it is non existent. From Churchill Square to Preston Street, there is only one piece of furniture around a tree. It's an absolute nightmare for the disabled in need of a rest, including me. The walk between is dreadful.

And the middle pavement proposed between Churchill Square and the pavement along the north side of Western Road outside M&S etc is a great idea as there are no crossing points. The nearest are either outside Primark or the east end of Western Road by the traffic lights.

It's also a very good idea to extend it along the rest of Western Road up to Preston Street.

Let's hope the wider pavements don't get encroached on by cafe tables as happened for distance precautions for Covid-19.

This  street furniture scheme needs extending to our other shopping area, London road, as it's also up and coming with all the new buildings.

But like Western Road there is nowhere to sit as it too has no seats.

Paul Stacey