A BOY with a rare condition that has dramatically hampered his development has a chance to recover.

Adrian Wieclawski was diagnosed with Pandas Syndrome, which causes his own antibodies to attack his brain.

Little is known about Pandas, paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder.

It can be caused by a misdirected immune response to a common infection such as strep throat, an ear infection or scarlet fever.

The Argus: Adrian Wieclawski from Rustington, Littlehampton was diagnosed with Pandas syndrome last year Adrian Wieclawski from Rustington, Littlehampton was diagnosed with Pandas syndrome last year

It means the ten-year-old reads and writes at the level of a child half his age.

But there is hope of a big recovery for the youngster, who lives in Rustington.

His mother Magdelena Sadowska, 37, and husband Adrian Stanke, 33, are treating him with specialist immunoglobin therapy, a blood-based treatment that contains antibodies that help to fight infection, in Ukraine.

They have already been for six sessions and now want to take Adrian for six more.

The Argus: The family are currently raising money to help AdrianThe family are currently raising money to help Adrian

Magdelena said: “We have already seen a huge improvement.

“He will chat, play and giggle in a way which he didn’t before.

“His doctors have said that if we continue the treatment, he may eventually be like any other boy of all age.

“All I want is the best for him, like any parent.”

The Argus: Adrian's family hope to take him to Ukraine for treatmentAdrian's family hope to take him to Ukraine for treatment

The family is still trying to pay off debts from the first round of treatment, which was £4,000 to £5,000 for each session, and need upwards of £40,000 to cover the next stage.

Each month, Adrian will need to spend five days in a row receiving eight-hour infusions.

Magdelena said: “In May 2021, during a follow-on visit, we were told that unfortunately the fight is still far from over.

“Although Adrian has shown some very good improvement, his treatment will need to continue, as his condition will only regress if we discontinue now.

“We are still trying to pay off debts incurred to pay for the first stage of treatment, and the finances necessary to continue his treatment are beyond what we can put together.

“It’s very important that the therapy is carried out now as there is a much better chance of it being successful before he hits puberty.

“I am asking for help and support so that we can provide the necessary treatment for Adrian to be able to have a happy, healthy, normal future.”

The Argus: Little Adrian loves Marvel filmsLittle Adrian loves Marvel films

Spiderman fan Adrian will be taking part in the Marvel Find Your Power Superhero Challenge this July.

The Find Your Power Challenge is a countrywide disability sports event that encourages people to set their own challenges – from 100m to 1,000km or more – and complete them however they want, when they want.

To donate to Adrian’s fund, visit https://www.treeofhope.org.uk/adrian-tomasz-wieclawski/

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