GREEN councillors led a backlash against the decision to remove a controversial cycle route.

They became involved in angry spats on Twitter after Labour and Conservatives councillors joined forces on Wednesday night to scrap the Old Shoreham Road bike lanes.

After the decision, Brighton and Hove Green councillors tweeted: "And so it's done.

"Brighton and Hove Labour and Conservatives vote to remove the Old Shoreham Road cycle lane (after an officer report).

"If you want action on the climate crisis, don't vote for these two."

"Shame on them all," added Green Jamie Lloyd, posting a picture of Labour and Conservative councillors before later accusing retired councillor Ken Norman of lying.

Mr Norman claimed the Greens had been trying to push the scheme through "undemocratically".

Deputy leader Hannah Clare accused Hove MP Peter Kyle of "helping to shaft" the route.

"Sad, disappointed, frustrated, outraged, heartbroken," she tweeted.

"Any of the above can describe how I feel about these two parties, but particularly Brighton and Hove Labour."

"Ah well," responded Labour councillor Daniel Yates, who later blocked a Green Party supporter for "unsavoury" remarks about another councillor.

Cllr Yates tweeted: "It is entirely within reason to listen to all voices and to weigh up a decision on the basis of the range of voices. This wasn’t a referendum. It was a listening exercise.

"Reaching different outcomes shows how different political and other beliefs impact on our judgements."

Cycling campaigners said the vote to remove the lane was a "betrayal" and accused councillors of being "spineless".

What has been said? 






How has Labour responded? 

Brighton and Hove Labour said: "The Labour group amendment to support extending most cycle lane schemes, but to remove the temporary lanes on Old Shoreham Road in favour of identifying a viable, alternative local route, was successful at the environment, transport and sustainability committee.

"The Climate Assembly was clear that the path to a carbon neutral city required bringing residents with us on the journey, consulting and engaging with them, and ensuring we changed our plans accordingly when they gave us feedback.

"This is what Labour did.

"We called for a consultation and we promised residents we would listen to them. They told us the lanes we installed on Old Shoreham Road were simply not working.

"So, we voted to remove them and find an alternative location for a temporary cycle lane scheme. We suggested officers begin by considering Portland Road and New Church Road, but also explore other nearby options."