A NOTORIOUS conspiracy theorist from Sussex has been slammed for likened NHS nurses and doctors to Nazis executed after World War Two.

Kate Shemirani, from East Sussex, has been condemned by nursing leaders after making a controversial speech at an event in Trafalgar Square.

Billed as a "live debate" on Covid-19, thousands attended the event in London on Saturday, expressing anti-vaccination views and criticising the idea of vaccine passports.

Ms Shemirani, who has been criticised by her own family for her promoting conspiracy theories in the past, made a speech comparing NHS staff to Nazis convicted at the Nuremberg trials.

A video of the speech was posted online, with almost one million people viewing it within the first hour it was uploaded.

She said: "Ask those that are giving [the Covid vaccine], has there been any deaths.

"Ask them what is in it. Ask them, get their names, you email them to me... with a group of lawyers we are collating all that.

"At the Nuremberg trials, the doctors and nurses stood trial and they hung."

The Royal College of Nursing said it was "reprehensible and could put nursing staff at risk".

Pat Cullen, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing told the BBC: "Some nursing staff have been subjected to abhorrent behaviour throughout this pandemic.

"Comments like these are reprehensible and could put nursing staff at risk.

"We urge the public to continue to support our hardworking healthcare workers.

"We expect employers to ensure they are doing all they can to protect nursing staff."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan took to Twitter to speak out against the video and said he had shared it with the Metropolitan Police.

He said: "This is utterly appalling, and I have raised it directly with the Met Police.

"Our NHS staff are the heroes of this pandemic and Londoners from across this city roundly reject this hate."

Ms Shemirani, who describes herself as a “natural nurse as a toxic world”, was suspended by the Nursing and Midwifery Council in July 2020 because of her anti-vaccination stance and her views on Covid-19.

She has previously argued a coronavirus vaccine would be used as a political tool to gain access to and change people's DNA, has likened lockdown restrictions to the Holocaust, and said NHS nurses will “stand trial for genocide”.

The mother-of-four has almost 40,000 followers on Twitter.