A CITY in Sussex has been named among the UK’s best places to visit for a cultural getaway.

A study by DIYS.com has ranked the country's towns and cities based on the cultural activities available for visitors and residents.

The index looks at the number of art galleries, museums, theatres, libraries, independent cinemas and Michelin starred restaurants available and gives a score based on how many are available.

Chichester was named as the second most cultural city in the UK, after achieving a score of 553 out of a maximum 600.

The city scored the highest marks in the categories of art galleries (98.9) and art museums (95.3) – both ranked out of 100.

It scored 90.1 in the independent cinema category, 96.5 in theatres, 81.9 in libraries and 90.3 in Michelin starred restaurants.

Farnham in Surrey was the only location to beat Chichester, while Winchester (Hampshire), Herne Bay (Kent) and Carlisle (Cumbria) ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Cambridge in Cambridgeshire ranked as the sixth most cultural location per population size in the UK, while Ashford (Surrey) and Oxford (Oxfordshire) took the seventh and eighth spots

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, placed in the ninth position and Manchester (Greater Manchester) took tenth.

In addition to its population size of 31,831 residents, Chichester holds one art museum, three art galleries, one independent cinema, three theatres, three libraries.

Meanwhile, the general West Sussex area hosts three Michelin star restaurants.

London was crowned the most cultured region in the UK, with an average total of 410 for its cities.

But it was the South of England that ranked the most cultured in general, since both the South West and South East followed respectively, with average total scores of 264 and 244.