AN MP has said cuts to the police and services that prevent crime has led to “a surge in antisocial behaviour, leaving people afraid in their own communities.”

Peter Kyle, Labour MP for Hove and Portslade, made the comments criticising the Conservative government after Labour launched its campaign for safer communities.

He accused the Conservatives of becoming the “party of crime and disorder” and claimed Labour would do things “very differently” if it were to win power under the leadership of Sir Kier Starmer at the next general election.

Mr Kyle said: “While the Tories talk tough, their record shows they are the party of crime and disorder.

“They cut our police to the lowest level in a generation and cut funding for services that prevent crime from happening. That’s had a huge impact across our diverse communities in Sussex.

“These decisions helped cause a surge in antisocial behaviour, leaving people afraid in their own communities.

“Drug use has risen and criminal gangs are exploiting kids to send drugs around the country, with towns like Brighton being major exporting locations for county lines operations from London. And there is huge concern about violent crime.”

Sir Keir has pledged to “drive down crime, tackle its root causes” if he becomes prime minister.

Writing for the Independent, the Labour leader launched his party’s campaign for safer communities, telling the public his party would prioritise “keeping you, your family and your community safe”.

Sir Keir said police in England and Wales face a £1.6 billion funding shortfall and that between 2010 and 2020, 14,500 officers were cut by the Tories from the frontline.

He said: “I spent five years as this country’s chief prosecutor. I know what it takes to get criminals off the streets and get victims the justice they deserve.

“That’s not just the job of the Crown Prosecution Service. And it’s not just the job of the police – it’s the job of the Prime Minister, too. And I would step up where Boris Johnson has failed.

“At its heart, this is about priorities. Too many people feel unsafe in their own communities.

“Antisocial behaviour has skyrocketed, a generation of young people is growing up with their local youth clubs closed, youth workers lost – vital positive role models that help divert people from the grips of crime.

Sir Keir said he would scrap plans for a £200 million national flagship vessel, designed to replace the Royal Yacht Britannia as part of the Prime Minister’s ambitions for post-Brexit Britain, and the money instead ploughed into community policing.

Officers from across the UK have been tackling London drugs gangs selling in counties including Sussex

Officers from across the UK have been tackling London drugs gangs selling in counties including Sussex

A future Labour government would also bring in new laws to crack down on dangerous driving and high-powered cars, while also campaigning for youth clubs to be restored, the party leader said.

Following recent public outrage over the abduction and murder 33-year-old marketing executive Sarah Everard as she walked home alone in south London in March, Sir Keir said Labour’s safer communities campaign would look to make Britain’s streets safe for women.

“Over 98 per cent of reported rape cases don’t result in a charge. Let that sink in,” said Sir Keir.

“I want to live in a country where women and girls are safe to walk the streets alone.

“A country where parents don’t have to wait anxiously until their kids come home. A country where our elderly feel happy and secure in their own neighbourhood.

“That’s why Labour is launching our campaign for safer communities today.

“It’s why we are pledging to drive down crime, tackle its root causes and ensure that criminals are brought to justice.”

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