THE SUNNIEST, warmest and cheapest staycation spots in the UK have been revealed.

Brighton has been crowned the 8th sunniest staycation location in the UK, according to research by

The data analyses a range of weather metrics over the summer months, as well as hotel prices.

The south of the UK dominated the top ten, with Southampton and Canterbury ranking the second and third in the list.

The winning location was Great Yarmouth, which scored an overall ranking of 76.15 out of 100.

Brighton scored a total of 64.92 out of 100.

The seaside city recorded an average summer temperature of 16.3C, with average daily simmer sunshine hours of 7.3.

The average weekend hotel price per night in Brighton is £180 – by the most of any of the top ten. Great Yarmouth’s average weekend hotel price per night is £82.

The Argus: Brighton crowned eighth sunniest staycation locationBrighton crowned eighth sunniest staycation location

Brighton recorded an average month summer rainfall of 46mm, while the average summer rainy days per month in the city is 14.3.

The overall best staycation destination for average summer temperature is London (18C), while Canterbury takes the title for average daily summer sunshine hours with eight hours per day.

Weymouth ranked best for average summer rainfall with 33mm per month, while Great Yarmouth recorded the least summer rainy days with eight on average per month.